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Blogmas Post Ideas

If you’re doing Blogmas this year, you may have had all of your posts scheduled way in advance.  Or, you may be posting daily as we go! If you’re in the latter camp, or if you’re reading this post preparing for Blogmas in the future, here are some Blogmas post ideas for lifestyle bloggers!

Of course, nearly all of these can be adjusted for your holiday of choice–please don’t feel limited if I refer to a Christmas post! Additionally, many of these would work for Vlogmas, too.

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50 Blogmas Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

  1. DIY Christmas cards
  2. Winter Beauty Looks
  3. Gift Guides for ______
  4. Review of a holiday product
  5. Family-favourite Holiday Recipes
  6. Decoration Haul
  7. Ideas for winter break
  8. Reasons you’re on the naughty/nice list this year
  9. Gift Haul (if your recipients don’t read your blog–don’t give away their presents before they receive them!
  10.  Holiday Nail Art
  11.  Looks for the Holiday Season
  12. Favourite Holiday Quotes
  13. Holiday Crafts
  14. Hot chocolate recipes
  15. Copycat recipes of holiday favourites
  16.  Favourite places to buy gifts
  17. Things to be grateful for over the holidays
  18. Snow Day Activities
  19. Best Christmas stories
  20. How you’ve spent Christmas
  21. The best trips to take over the holidays
  22. Ways to spread the holiday spirit
  23. Favourite Christmas memories
  24. Best Gifts You’ve Gotten
  25. Favourite Holiday Outfits
  26. Ways to Include Your Pets in the Festivities
  27. Holiday Tips for Spoonies
  28. Guide to the Holidays in Your Favourite City
  29. Christmas Printables
  30. Pros and Cons of Christmas
  31. How to deal with difficult family members/questions from family
  32. Unique Holiday traditions from your culture
  33. Least favourite Christmas songs/movies/etc.
  34. DIY Decorations
  35. Ways to help those less fortunate this Christmas
  36. Elf on the Shelf inspiration
  37. Holiday activities for _____
  38. Unique/unusual gift ideas
  39. Inspiration for setting the Christmas table
  40. Best Christmas jumpers
  41. Holiday party ideas
  42. Tips/Ideas for festive Instagram shots
  43. Gingerbread house inspiration
  44. How to stay sane over the chaos of the holidays
  45.  Cleaning/organisation ideas for the holidays
  46. Testing Pinterest holiday ideas
  47. DIY gifts
  48. Favourite festive YouTube videos
  49. Celebrating Christmas in a warm/tropical climate
  50. Holiday perfumes/fragrances

Blogmas Post Ideas

Are you participating in Blogmas this year? What post ideas are you most excited about?

Happy Blogmas


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