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Blogmas 2018 Introduction

Early in November, I was suddenly struck by some almost-the-holidays inspiration:  I wanted to participate in Blogmas 2018.

Now, at the moment I realised this, I had just been sick on and off for about three weeks, had dozens of things to catch up on, was working on a kinda-NaNoWriMo draft of my novel, and had just finished one of the most trying work weeks at my day job so far.  Throwing in an extra 25 (26 if you count this introduction) blog posts was pure madness.

But, I took to Twitter with a poll and, as luck should have it, you lovely people were in support of my madness.  So, I got to crafting Blogmas 2018 posts!

You may remember last year’s 12 Days of Blogmas, where I shared organisation and productivity posts for the 12 days “old Christmas.”  Originally, I wanted to do a similar setup with vegan posts ahead of launching our upcoming veganism course this year.  Unfortunately, with all of the technical issues we’ve had in the past few months, we won’t be able to launch just yet–but stay tuned for updates (and sign up for our email updates to be the first to know more!).

So, I’ve settled on a more traditional setup for this year’s Blogmas!  Between 1 December and 25 December, I’ll be sharing an assortment of Christmas/holiday-themed posts–while many are geared towards Christmas simply because it’s what I’m most familiar with, there’s definitely room to make some of the items work for whatever you celebrate!

As Blogmas 2018 progresses, I’ll link to each of the posts below:

Day One:  Bullet Journal Holiday Spreads

Day Two:  Small Businesses to Buy from This Season

Day Three:  How to Celebrate Christmas on a Budget

Day Four:  50 Blogmas Post Ideas for Lifestyle Bloggers

Day Five:  My Dream Christmas List

Day Six:  Creative Alternative Wrapping Ideas

Day Seven:  Tips for Gift-Giving This Holiday Season

Day Eight:  My Favourite Christmas Songs

Day Nine:  Vegan-Friendly Gift Guide

Day Ten:  My Holiday Travel Bucket List

Day Eleven:  Vegan Christmas Recipe Roundup

Day Twelve:  Spoonie Stocking Stuffers

Day Thirteen:  My Favourite Christmas Films

Day Fourteen:  Remembering Lost Loved Ones During the Holidays

Day Fifteen:  Vegan Christmas Cookies Roundup

Day Sixteen:  My Christmas Jumpers & Wish List

Day Seventeen:  Holiday Scents to Make Your Home Smell Festive

Day Eighteen:  My Favourite Holiday Memories

Day Nineteen:  Last-Minute Gifts You Can Get On Amazon

Day Twenty:

Day Twenty-One:

Day Twenty-Two:

Day Twenty-Three:

Day Twenty-Four:

Day Twenty-Five:

Blogmas 2018 Introduction

Are you participating in Blogmas 2018 or following along with ours? Let us know your favourite parts in the comments!


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