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August 2018 Monthly Favourites

Catch up on our past months’ favourites here, then read on for my August 2018 favourites!

August has been one of my most difficult months in quite some time, so while a few of these categories have had a bit extra to compensate, a few have had little to no major favourites.

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I haven’t purchased any new clothing for a while, but I did bring quite a few things out of storage!  Most of my clothes from school were still packed away and I finally brought them home, washed them, and got them hung up in my closet. It’s a little change, but it’s made me feel so much better about my closet.  I’m still redoing my bedroom at my parents’ house, so these little updates make it feel so much nicer in the meantime.


I played a bit more of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery this month (why on earth was it not called Hogwarts: A Mystery?) and redownloaded the game Hustle Castle. They’ve both been nice distractions from the stress of the real world!

I also used my Tombow Mono Adhesive* for the first time and oh my gosh, is it amazing. I was worried because I’m absolutely hopeless at using correction tape (that’s why the liquid form is on my list of favourite stationery and top office supplies for college students!), but my concern was needless. It went on beautifully and easily! I’m having a bit too much fun imagining the many things I could glue into my bullet journal. . . .


Believe it or not, I went to an Ozzy Osbourne concert last night! Most of my friends have been pretty surprised by that one, but I got the tickets for my dad for Father’s Day. I grew up listening to Crazy Train with him on repeat, so it seemed fitting!

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We’ve still got The Greatest Showman soundtrack on repeat, too. Plus, I’m slowly making a Girl Power playlist of my own after reading Amanda’s post about it on The Happy Arkansan!

I’ve also been on a major Cranberries kick recently. Admittedly, I’m very rarely not on a Cranberries kick, but it’s still worthy of mention, in my book.


I’ve been loving the new vegan options rolling out at our local Aldi! If you’re following us on Instagram, you may have seen some of our mini hauls already. While I don’t like to eat too many meat substitutes, I love the convenience and accessibility of these products, not to mention the price!


I’ve drunk an awful lot of Opportuniteas’ products this month, both for my review and afterwards! The coconut milk powder is still my favourite, but I’ve re-tried a few of the others since the post went live, too. They really do make me feel healthier!


After a lengthy deliberation, I decided to shelve The Swans of Fifth Avenue*. It was partially my own fault—-my expectations were absurdly high. But I just couldn’t get to a place where I was enjoying reading this novel.

That being said, I’m lucky in that I had plenty of other books to choose from! If you read the book haul I posted earlier this month, you’ll see the dozens of new books I recently acquired.

Since last month, I finished Keep it Real* and continued reading Robert Burns’ Poems and Songs*. I read through Suzanne’s Diary For Nicholas* (not a particularly well-written novel, but a decent, albeit predictable story—sometimes you just need to read a predictable romance novel!) and Emily Dickinson’s Selected Poems*.

I did something completely out of character for me, too, and started reading more than one book at a time! With the exception of occasional school readings, I’ve always avoided this pointedly. Right now, though, I’m reading five books at once! I’ve got an ARC of Mimi Matthews’ The Matrimonial Advertisement* ahead of an upcoming review, as well as Frank McCourt’s Angela’s Ashes* (finally). I’m also working through the exercises in 20 Something, 20 Everything* and reading through Sherwood Anderson’s Winesburg, Ohio* and the Burns book before bed each night. It’s a lot or reading, but these books are for the most part different enough that I’m not having too much of an issue! Winesburg, Ohio* in particular is quickly becoming a new favourite.


Mom, Rachel, and I have watched A Haunting* for years now, but I’ve finally started keeping track of the episodes I’ve watched of it. I’m also continuing to catch up on Kitchen Nightmares*, M*A*S*H* *, and Spongebob* (yes, that’s quite a combination!).

Movie-wise, I saw Lucy*, Money Monster*, and both Meet the Parents* and Meet the Fockers*, each for the first time.


With this month being as stressful as it has been, Stress Away has been in the diffusers regularly!  I’ve had a combination of Lavender and Trauma Life going at least nightly, too. I even made a special pillow spray infused with Lavender!


As expected, I had to uninstall Elevate due to the storage it took up, but I’ve done a bit more work with Duolingo!

I also adjusted my Coursera classes, so I’m currently taking Introduction to HTML5 (a lot of review, but a great refresher!), Business Strategy, and Understanding Memory: Explaining the Psychology of Memory through Movies with a few more starting next week.

I’m also nearly finished with 31 Days of Expressive Writing* from Life in Slow Motion (review coming soon!).


My “day job” in transcription has proven to be terrible for my joint pain, so while I’ve done as much as I can to keep the bills paid, I’ve also been trying to find something to replace it. No luck thus far, though, and to be completely honest, I’d much rather improve the business end of the blog (monetising it further and taking on more sponsored opportunities).

However, I did get a “promotion” in my transcription job, which has made a bit of a difference! I moved up a rank, which means I make a bit more for the work I am able to do. Not a permanent solution, but it helps in the meantime!

That being said, the blog has had a decent bit of progress this month. We shared a sponsored post, our Opportuniteas Review, and a guest post, How to Stay Organized in College from Carlee of In Carlee’s World, plus I worked with Downy on a BzzAgent campaign featuring their Unstopables across social media.

I’ve also started working with Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours, so you’ll be seeing a lot more bookish content both here on the blog and across social media!

Also on social, you may have seen a bit about some of the technical issues we’ve had here on the site. I’m still working to get us moved to a new hosting service, but it’ll take a while until I can gather the funding to do so. If you’re interested in helping (but please, don’t feel at all obligated to do so!), check out some of our Amazon affiliate links throughout this post and others (look for the disclaimer near the beginning of the post—once the technical issues are straightened out, I plan to go through and more clearly mark affiliate links as such) or head to our Ko-Fi link in the sidebar. Of course, I’ll keep you updated on our progress on this front!

I also posted a few gigs to Fiverr, as I’m hoping to pick up some freelance gigs moving forward.

To top it all off, I submitted a few more pieces to lit mags and worked on a few pieces for The Mighty, too! No new publications to announce just yet, but, as always, I’m keeping at it.

It’s really been a busy month, workwise!


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August 2018 Favourites


August 2018 Monthly Favourites


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