Hi there!  I’m Jules, short for Juliette.   It’s a pleasure to “meet” you!  Thanks so much for stopping by For the Sake of Good Taste!

I’m a poet from Pennsylvania, but the universe seems to think I belong in England (read about a bit about my study abroad experience here).

I’m a chronic perfectionist with an absurd variety of interests.  You might know me from my last blog, Thoughts, Opinions, and Everything in Between.

Here you’ll find a small grouping of these interests, ranging from organisational tips to delicious recipes.

I’m a huge animal lover and a vegan (I say this to warn you that you won’t find a cheeseburger [well, at least not the cow-based version] on the site, not because I insist on telling everyone).

My parents have the world’s cutest puppy and a temperamental cockatiel, so you’re bound to see the two of them popping up from time to time.

I recently adopted the world’s cutest kitten, too!  Fitz is bound to come up some more, but, in the meantime, you can read about him here.

I have a few chronic medical issues, which I’m currently working to incorporate a bit more into the blog. After all, they are inevitably a major part of my life. . . it’s only logical that they should make up a portion of my lifestyle blog!   If you want to read more about them in the meantime, I’ve contributed to The Mighty.

I also wrote for Her Campus before graduating from Gettysburg College in 2018 and I do a whole bunch of freelance work.  One could say I write a lot. I’ve published a poetry chapbook, too, Mistakes Were Made, which you’ll see promoted here on the blog from time to time.

My Blogging Journey

I started blogging in 2015 at TO&E after seeing how much my roommate at the time loved to blog.  Since then, it’s grown to an absolute passion for me too!

I started from scratch with For the Sake of Good Taste because I wanted to more clearly define my goals for the site and for blogging. For the Sake of Good Taste is here for people like me: people who turn to Pinterest for a recipe or outfit idea a dozen times a day, who spend way more time than normal with their pets, or who can’t go a day without adding something to their bullet journal to-do list.

I created For the Sake of Good Taste in order to be a sort of one-stop shop and community for those who find this content relatable. That being said, we’re a bit of a mixed group. You’ll find fellow vegans reading the blog for recipes or to laugh over myths about veganism we’ve all encountered. You’ll find college students and 20-somethings looking for ways to save money or my favourite school supplies.

Importantly, though, we all have something in common. For the Sake of Good Taste is here to showcase that and to bring us together.

Want to know more about me?  First, check out more on the blog (we recommend starting with our Greatest Hits!).   Still curious?  Reach out!

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Thanks again for checking out For the Sake of Good Taste!