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2019 Life Update’s been a while since my last life update, so I believe it’s about time for a 2019 life update! I’ve got so many exciting plans for blogging, writing, and life in general and I’m so excited to share a bit of these with you all.

Life, in general

As for some general life updates, not very much has changed.  I’m still working at my transcription job which, though not a great fit for my joint pain, (mostly) pays the bills.  I’m trying to pay off debt and save for the future while building the blog (here!) and my writing to bring in a bit more income.  I hope to be doing these more or less full-time, with a comparative income, in the semi-near future!

Health-wise, things aren’t great, but are they ever for a spoonie? I’m still dealing with my variety of conditions and taking it one day at a time.  Aside from the obvious health downsides and their keeping me from working a more traditional (better-paying) job, I really am getting better at managing my life alongside chronic illnesses.

Fitz is doing incredibly well, and may need an update post of his own soon! He’s gotten so big and grows into his personality more every day. Lately one of his favourite things is to go visit my grandparents–they absolutely adore him and he loves the attention! He even has his own special chair there!


I’ve had some amazing progress in terms of writing and publishing since I last wrote a life update!  Perhaps the most exciting is the acceptances I’ve received for publishing poems and micropoems. I only started submitting a few months into 2018 and it was a painfully slow process with a major learning curve. But now I’ve got pieces published or forthcoming in some amazing publications!

I’ll update my website with more as they come, but as of my writing this, here are some of my publications (mostly tiny poems, but longer ones to come!):

I’ve got quite the list forthcoming still (I’m still a bit in shock over it myself–people want to read and publish my writing??), so stay tuned!

I’ve also launched an online literary magazine of my own, Nightingale & Sparrow. We’re in the home stretch of accepting submissions for our first issue, flight, and I’m absolutely thrilled with it so far. I’ve gotten the chance to read and enjoy the work of so many writers who’ve trusted me with their work and it’s an amazing experience!

Of course, I’ve also got quite a few works in progress, per usual.  These include my biography of my grandfather, some poetry chapbooks/an eventual larger collection, and my novel!


In addition to all of that other writing, I’m still typing away here on the blog, of course! As I mentioned above, I’m really trying to build the blog as a business in 2019.  I’ve gotten really discouraged over the months as I’ve thought about how much time and energy I’ve put into this site over the past two years with relatively little tangible results.  As much as I hate to compare, especially numbers-wise, it’s tough to see new bloggers work at this for six months and blow it out of the water!

I’m working on that bit of jealousy and I’m working just as hard at building the blog to the potential I know it has.  From building products of my own to pitching brands, I’m determined to have For the Sake of Good Taste make a mark in 2019!

I also just launched Pencils & Pages, a new offshoot of both this blog and my writing website, in which I’ll be featuring book reviews and writing insights!  I’ve already moved over some of our book reviews over there and I’m thrilled to be sharing more in the coming weeks.

Is there anything you’d like to know that I didn’t include in this 2019 life update? Ask away in the comments!

2019 Life Update


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