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2018 Goals

It’s practically cliché, especially if you’ve been on a blogger’s Twitter lately, but I’ve declared this the year that I buckle down and make things happen when it comes to this blog.  To hold myself accountable and to keep you all in the loop, I’m sharing my 2018 goals for the blog here today and will be updating you quarterly!

Quadruple our traffic

This sounds super ambitious, but hear me out.  Most importantly, For the Sake of Good Taste only existed for the second half of 2017. My first instinct was to aspire to double our traffic, but, technically, that should happen by default!

That being said, I want to account for that natural growth and for the goal in question.  So, quadrupling it is!  As you can see from our Google Analytics below, this translates to 6,296 sessions, 5,020 users, and 25,768 pageviews. For simplicity’s sake, let’s make that a rounded 6,500 sessions, 5,250 users, and 26,000 pageviews!

Ambitious? Yes.  Impossible? No!

2017 traffic

Increase our retention

As you can see in the handy pie chart amid the above analytics, a majority of our traffic comes from new visitors to the site.  Don’t get me wrong, we LOVE new visitors! But, even better, we’d like to keep them coming back!  In 2018, the goal is to bring that pie chart to at least a 60/40 ratio of new/returning visitors.

Feature two guest posts

As of the start of the year, we’ve featured no guest posts on the blog!  We absolutely love spreading the word about our fellow bloggers (check out some of our favourites here!), so this is unquestionably something we wish to improve upon.

Are you a blogger with an idea you’d like to share on For the Sake of Good Taste?  Shoot us an email!

Publish one post a week

With our current posting schedule, this means a new post will be coming your way every Thursday at 12 pm EST!  Of course, we’re all too aware that life can get in the way, so we’re leaving a bit of flexibility with this one.  As long as we reach 52 posts in total this year, it’s okay if a few weeks hold two posts to catch up.  If a week has more than two (like during our 12 Days of Blogmas!), only two of these will count toward this goal.

Launch our veganism course

Our upcoming course is still in its early stages.  Nevertheless, it’s progressing slowly, but surely!  As of now, I can’t reveal an exact launch date, but I can say with unflinching certainty that it will be this year.

Make sure you’ve signed up for our email updates to be the first to know when our course launches! You’ll even get some exclusive freebies along the way!

On this note. . . .

Build our email list

This is another area that we’ve made little progress on in 2017.  For that, it’s one of our top priorities in 2018! Currently, this list is very, very small.  Increasing it by even a few dozen will be an impressive achievement!

Work with two brands

We’d love to feature a few sponsored posts here on the blog! We’ve had some amazing opportunities in the past and would love to work with some more wonderful brands!

Are you a brand who’d like to work with For the Sake of Good Taste?  Check out our media kit here, then shoot us an email.

Double our social media followings

Currently, these are our social media stats:

Facebook: 49 likes

Twitter:  252 followers

Instagram:  74 followers

Pinterest:  77 followers

BlogLovin’: 19 followers

And the newer accounts, which have not yet had time to grow:




That being said, here are our goal stats for this time next year:

Facebook: 100 likes

Twitter:  500 followers

Instagram:  150 followers

Pinterest:  150 followers

BlogLovin’: 50 followers

Tumblr:  25 followers

Flipboard:  25 followers

Google+:  25 followers

What are your 2018 goals, blogging or otherwise? Share in the comments!

2018 Goals


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