Frugal Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to break the bank!  If you’re looking forward to exchanging gifts without going broke, we’ve got some frugal Valentine’s Day gifts (and a holiday playlist!) for you.

Mix Tape

A mix tape . . .  He made a mix tape . . . . He was thinking of me which shows he cares! Sometimes when someone has a crush on you, they’ll make you a mix tape to give you a clue . . . .

Mix TapeAvenue Q

Whether your relationship is based on music or you regularly hear songs that make you think of that special someone, a mix tape is a great, low-cost gift. Don’t want to be restrained by the length of a cassette or blank CD? Try a playlist on your favourite platform!  If you need some inspiration, check out my Spotify playlist here.

A letter

Fonder of writing the lyrics for yourself? Write your loved one a letter!  From a post-it note to a full-fledged letter from “The Sweetheart City,” Loveland, CO, the options are endless!

Clutter-Free Cards

Want to share the sentiment of a card without it cluttering your apartment (or having it thrown out!)? Head to the store with the recipient and exchange cards in-store!  Simply pick out your favourite card and give it to them then and there.  They won’t have the keepsake of your personalised signature or note, but for those who don’t mind, this is a great option.

Gift Basket

Who needs a fancy floral arrangement? Get creative and make him/her a hand-chosen gift basket. Check out the dollar store (or Poundland!) for some festive goodies.  Have a cinephile on your hands? Find a favourite movie and add it to the basket with some popcorn.  Coffee addict?  Grab a holiday mug and some coffee!

A deck of cards

No, you don’t need to be gifting this to a poker pro.  This DIY gift idea has been floating around Pinterest (are you following us yet?) for ages and it’s almost always a hit.  Have you ever wanted to buy him/her a LoveBook but couldn’t fit it in the budget?  Put together a “52 Things I Love About You” set for the cost of a deck of cards (the dollar store is your friend!) and some craft supplies.  It’s even portable, should they want to carry it with them anywhere!


Not only is simple candy relatively cheap itself (no, you don’t need a $58 heart-shaped box of truffles), but you can even make your own!  Check out our list of vegan Valentine’s Day candy for some store-bought and homemade ideas.

Most importantly, remember that spending money on someone doesn’t prove your love for them.

What frugal Valentine’s Day gifts are you giving this year?

Frugal Valentine's Day Gift Ideas | For the Sake of Good Taste

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