Define Your Style with Deborah: Low-Cost, High-Style Jewellery

I’ve gotten more compliments than I can count on my jewellery as of late.  Most of it came from my mom’s Paparazzi shop!  Today, we’re featuring her low-cost, super-fashionable jewellery so you can grab some of your own over at Define Your Style with Deborah!

If you’ve never heard of Paparazzi, their accessories follow what they like to call the “formula for fabulous:  Fashion.  Fun.  Five bucks.”  Yep, you heard that correctly.  Nearly every piece they offer, except some special items, is just five dollars (plus tax).

Now, for five dollars, you might not expect much.  But, believe it or not, their jewellery and other accessories are both fun AND fashionable!

First and foremost, let’s sit down with Deborah of Define Your Style with Deborah:

Juliette (For the Sake of Good Taste):  Thanks so much for joining us on the blog today, we’re so happy to have you!  How about we start by you telling us a bit about yourself?

Deborah (Define Your Style with Deborah):  I’m Deborah and I’m the mother of two children (hi, Jul), the world’s cutest puppy, and a cockatiel.  I’m a local banking executive here in Pennsylvania, and I’m also a Paparazzi consultant.  I’m super excited to bring $5 Paparazzi jewelry to the area!

J: Could you tell us a bit more about Paparazzi?

D:  Paparazzi is an always-changing variety of inexpensive jewelry and accessories. It’s only $5.00 (plus tax) for each item! Everything is Lead and Nickel Free and only available through consultants.

J:  Now, I know you do live sales, in addition to your website. How do those work?

D: Our Facebook Live sales are a blast and we plan to have plenty of fun – watch for guests hosts (like Jules!)!  Invoicing is done for all sales and shows during the week on Saturdays/Sundays. Payment can be made through PayPal (or cash if you’re local).  Shipping is a flat $3.00, whether you buy 1 item or 20!

Just in case the idea of my helping out on a live sale didn’t convince you, I tested out a few pieces for today’s post to share my thoughts.  If you like what you see, be sure to check them out for yourself!  Most pieces sell out quickly, but you can almost always find a similar style!

First up, we have these adorable holiday rings!

Two caveats:

  1. These are children’s size (I have incredibly small fingers).
  2. As holiday items, they are not available at this time.

But, they were just too darn cute to skip!

Define Your Style with Deborah: Low-Cost, High-Style Jewellery

Define Your Style with Deborah: Low-Cost, High-Style Jewellery

Next, we have this gorgeous (adult-sized) ring!

Define Your Style with Deborah: Low-Cost, High-Style Jewellery

All of the normal Paparazzi rings have a stretchy band, fitting sizes 5 through 10!

I love this one as a statement piece, especially if I’ve got a relatively simple outfit otherwise. Plus, they have countless variations in similar styles!

Define Your Style with Deborah: Low-Cost, High-Style Jewellery

How about this simple necklace?  It’s just a simple red, square stone, but it packs a punch!

Define Your Style with Deborah: Low-Cost, High-Style Jewellery

This one is called “Lady-In-Waiting,” which my history nerd, Tudors-loving self adores!  And you simply can’t go wrong with pearls.

If you’re picking up a necklace, there’s an added bonus:  most come with a free pair of earrings!

Keep in mind:  you also have the potential to become a consultant yourself!  Not only can you make yourself some extra spending money, but you can buy more jewellery at a lower price (even if you don’t sell it!).

And, you’ll get a cute little gift for your birthday!

Define Your Style with Deborah: Low-Cost, High-Style Jewellery

Thanks so much to Deborah (aka Mom) for allowing us to feature her jewellery!  You can catch Define Your Style with Deborah in live Facebook videos here or you can shop online anytime here.

Define Your Style with Deborah | For the Sake of Good Taste

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