Bullet Journal Inspiration: My 2018 BuJo So Far

If you’ve been following the blog for a while, you’ll know that I reference my bullet journal (and this post on bullet journaling) all. the. time.  With that in mind, I thought it was about time I share my 2018 bujo so far—both for your bullet journal inspiration and as an update of sorts!

Monthly Covers

Monthly Cover - Bujo | For the Sake of Good Taste

I’ve let myself get a bit extra-creative (and a lot sticker-crazy!) with some monthly covers this time around.  Can you tell I was really getting into Valentine’s Day?

Habit Tracker

Habit Tracker - Bujo | For the Sake of Good Taste

I’ve kept a habit tracker of some sort since I began my first bullet journal, but it’s probably the spread that’s changed the most!  As I’m sure you can tell from the image, I’ve done rather poorly when it comes to keeping up with it this month, too.  Nevertheless, I’m liking the small sets of boxes for each habit, as opposed to a larger overall grid.  Not sure if I prefer the x’s or squares though (let me know what you think in the comments!).


Weekly - Bujo | For the Sake of Good Taste

I’ve always been partial to daily spreads, if only because I tend to have an unnatural list of things to do each day.  Nevertheless, I think I’ve permanently converted to this weekly spread!  The long boxes allow for a lot of to-do items (though I have found myself having to abbreviate to fit some items), but keeps me from putting too many in one day—if it doesn’t fit in today, it will just have to wait until tomorrow!  I also love the boxes above for events (yes, I need to go to class, but I don’t want to take up valuable to-do space with it!).

Meal Planner & Recipe Bank

Recipe Bank - Bujo | For the Sake of Good Taste

Meal Plan - Bujo | For the Sake of Good Taste

These are some of my favourite pages so far!  One of the best things about living alone (well, besides Fitz and the obligatory Gettysburg ghosts) is the ability to experiment with new meals whenever I want, with little to no complaints.   Not only do these pages keep me from forgetting about some favourites, but I’m constantly adding to the bank to mix things up.  That being said, I’m happy to take suggestions if you have any recipe recommendations!

Books to Read

TBR - Bujo | For the Sake of Good Taste

This one is taken almost exactly from my last journal, except I’m adding books as I plan to read them, rather than filling all the shelves at once with books I eventually want to read.  This way, I feel like I’m under a lot less pressure to read the ones I added to it months ago just to fill space, and I’m already colouring in more than I did in all of the filled shelves!

Sleep Log

Sleep Log - Bujo | For the Sake of Good Taste

I’ve been trying extra hard to improve my sleeping habits, and between my Fitbit and this log, it’s getting there!  In the main grid, I midline the hours I slept during the night, then on the right, I add in any naps.

What’s your best bullet journal inspiration of 2018 thus far?

My 2018 BuJo So Far | For the Sake of Good Taste

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